Tree surgery of any size, Hedge reductions, hedges planted, Garden restorations, Garden Vista’s improved.

Justin Thyme are qualified in a wide range of techniques to improve the appearance of your trees. Some of them are explained below. Give us a call to arrange a visit and quote at your convenience.

Felling and Dismantling

Before a tree reaches a dangerous state, or in the consideration of future planning development. To improve the immediate environment for the health of nearby trees, or vista. Required due to Fungal infection.

Dead, dangerous or dying trees have priority.

Our felling work or controlled dismantling can be contained for the following reasons; risk to public, immediate or nearby risk to property, confined spaces, pubic highways.
We also work with the local highways department

Stump grinding & removal

The removal of stump by mechanical means, in order to stop regrowth, to plant a new tree, remove any potential risks from a stump or to improve the appearance of the area after felling.

Crown lifting

Raising the appearance of the tree by removal of lower limbs for a more balanced appearance.

Clearing areas to allow a safer enviroment over pavements or buildings.

Crown reductions/topping

Removal of the top or upper reaches of the tree to enhance the trees natural shape which will also reduce the risks of damage to the tree from high winds and danger to people or property.

30% is the recommended maximum removal of any healthy trees.

Crown thinning

Thinning reduces windsail and therefore the risk of trees being damaged by high winds.

Thinning allows airflow and light throughout the canopy of the tree.


Similar to crown thinning. This technique concentrates on the health of the tree for the subsequent years to come. By use of dead wood removal or areas which will create future problems.

General pruning and shaping; remove a risk to buildings or people, to improve appearance access or balance.


Removal of main limbs and nearly all growth to leave just the main stem, in order to restrict the trees future size and growing potential. Unsightly when first done, occasionally requested.


Tree waste can be used by yourself as mulch, or can be removed and disposed of at a local council recycle depot. Your tree can also be cut into logs for your wood burner.

The Law

Please remember that as the tree owner, you have the “legal obligation of duty of care”, for your own safety and that of the general public including their property. Justin Thyme can help ensure that local planning and other regulations are taken into account when improving your trees.